Do you have non-negotiables?

A few years ago our team developed the ‘non-negotiables’ of our ministry. A non-negotiable was defined as something that 'if we don’t do anything else, we need to be doing this’.

In youth ministry, our attention can get pulled in 1000 different ways. There’s big youth ministries we’re trying to mimic, parents and students to please and endless twitter links to chase down and glean from.

After a few days of thinking & praying, we had clarity over what those non-negotiables were for our ministry. 

Non-negotiable #1: Students need to have lots fun

Non-negotiable #2: Students need to make friends within our ministry

Non-negotiable #3: Students need to be in mentoring relationships with adults

Non-negotiable #4: Students need lots of opportunities to encounter Jesus.

These for non-negotiables were things that we wanted students to experience every time they came to group.

What about you? Do you have any non-negotiables?