Increase Engagement on Social Media with Students

If you have youth ministry profiles on social media channels, there’s no doubt you want your students to engage and interact with the content. You want to form community and build momentum when you’re not physically together. 

Most of the content I’ve shared on these social media usually falls into one of these categories:

  • Information (the when, where and cost of things)
  • Entertainment (youtube clips, pictures, songs)
  • Scripture/Devotional content

There’s nothing wrong with posts and tweets like this but they never seem to garner the engagement I’m hoping for. But do you know what does?

Posts about people.

Crazy right? Engagement goes through the roof when we celebrate individual student’s victories, post prayer requests of leaders, take pictures at student’s sporting events, etc.

It’s easy to think that it’s our programming that people want to hear about. But students want to hear about each other. Go figure!