My Program Cheat Sheet

A few years ago I was having a hard time keeping track of all the moving parts of our program. Who’s doing what? Is anyone away? Did I confirm the bus? Etc…

I developed a simple little ‘program cheat sheet’ that I laminate and tape to my desk (I laminate so I can write on it with a dry erase marker). This helps me never miss an element of the night and keeps me ahead of the game.

**Warning: there is some insider language on this doc. If you want the editable doc shoot me an email.

Click here to download my program cheat sheet.

Increase Engagement on Social Media with Students

Increase Engagement on Social Media with Students

If you have youth ministry profiles on social media channels, there’s no doubt you want your students to engage and interact with the content. You want to form community and build momentum when you’re not physically together. 

Most of the content I’ve shared on these social media usually falls into one of these categories:

  • Information (the when, where and cost of things)
  • Entertainment (youtube clips, pictures, songs)
  • Scripture/Devotional content

There’s nothing wrong with posts and tweets like this but they never seem to garner the engagement I’m hoping for. But do you know what does?

Do you have non-negotiables?

Do you have non-negotiables?

A few years ago our team developed the ‘non-negotiables’ of our ministry. A non-negotiable was defined as something that 'if we don’t do anything else, we need to be doing this’.

In youth ministry, our attention can get pulled in 1000 different ways. There’s big youth ministries we’re trying to mimic, parents and students to please and endless twitter links to chase down and glean from.

After a few days of thinking & praying, we had clarity over what those non-negotiables were for our ministry. 

My secret to a successful Fall launch

My secret to a successful Fall launch

Our Fall program kick-off always goes really, really well. Why?

We don’t run any program a month before launch.

We stop our regular scheduled ministry programs to breathe, celebrate & learn from the year prior and get all the crap together that needs to happen before launch.

We still meet with kids and their families and do ministry, we just don't run any events/services/bible studies or the like. Program seems to suck your brain space. Not running program seems to give it back. Which means you can think clearer, be more creative and enjoy ministry more.

5 Mission Trip Tech Tips

5 Mission Trip Tech Tips

I recently returned from leading a team of 25 high school students to South Africa. It was a fantastic trip. Being prepared for the tech challenges and needs of the trip was of huge help. I’m hoping to pass on 5 tech tips that might come in handy on your next trip.



I can’t stress enough how much I love this feature of Evernote. Many of the places we take teams have brutal/no coverage. Evernote allows you to download select notebooks to your smartphone/tablet making them easily accessible at all times. This is a premium feature which cost $5/month. Upgrade the month before and downgrade when you get home.

I kept our team’s flight itinerary, passports, car reservations, hotel reservations, room lists, ground itinerary, insurance info, team devotionals, maps, meal plans, budget and receipts all in one notebook. I downloaded the notebook and wherever I went, that important info was right there with me.