The Best Youth Ministry Game Ever

The Greatest Youth Ministry Game Ever?

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How to take online registrations (part 1)

Earlier this week I was sitting with a local hero (aka youth worker). He was talking about how the administration side of youth ministry can really be a time suck (and life suck). I sympathized with his frustration. I offered him a few processes and tools that I’ve adopted that have drastically reduced the time[…]

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No One Cares About Your Sermon

They’re Not Coming For Your Sermon

I didn’t think it’d be this hard. When I watched my youth pastor do his thing growing up, I literally thought his job entailed: stocking the coke machine, shopping for the world’s ugliest couches, playing dodgeball with teenagers, and occasionally preaching. I thank my youth pastor (Chad Johnson) for his influence[…]

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[FREE GAME] Cat-tergories

Last week I made a game called “Cat-tergories” that I thought was so stupid and so fun that people should just have it. What is it? It works exactly like Scattergories but it’s all about cats. Why? Cats are so in! You could play it in big group, or scale it[…]

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